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About Trainees & Interns​

Our research team is regularly accepting student trainees (undergrads & graduate students only). Please contact if you have any interest.

Current & former Student Trainees

Masanori Tanaka, A.T. Still University(2021.11〜2024.3)

Sena Fuyukawa, Yokohama City University(2023.3〜2023.8)

Sara Matsui, Smith College(2023.6〜2023.8)

Hildie Leyser, University of London(2023.6〜2023.8)

Ningyi Zhou, University of Oxford(2023.8〜2023.9)

Kosuke Yoshida, University of Tokyo (2024.1~current)

Current & former Interns

Nicolás Alejandro Comay, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (2024.1〜2024.3)

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